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Get what you want
out of your PC.

It’s simple: We took all of the features we felt were lacking in our desktop experience and integrated them into OneLaunch for the most productive version of Windows you’ve ever experienced.

Desktop with OneLaunch Dashboard open
Desktop with OneLaunch Dock and Chromium browser open

A powerful browser

Packaged with its very own browser, OneLaunch leverages Chromium’s open-source code for a powerful, fully custom (and customizable) browser. Just click, type and search from your OneLaunch dock, and your results will open in the integrated browser for a seamless search experience.

OneLaunch's Clipboard history feature

Never forget your
cut-and-paste history.

We’ve all been there: You cut and forget to paste, cut again, then try to figure out how many times you can CTRL+Z to recover your cut content. It’s a game you aren’t likely to win, so we went ahead and added clipboard history to OneLaunch, so you never have to lose important content again.

OneLaunch's Window Previews feature

All of your windows,
all at a glance.

We get it: You want more than one window open at a time. In the name of productivity, we do, too—but without the minimizing, maximizing, back-and-forth time-wasting. Whatever applications you’re working in, OneLaunch will keep your recent windows at the ready, one click away.

Because shortcuts are productive.

We thought of the things you most often do or need to access on your computer—and realized how inaccessible they are. So, we added shortcuts to make life easier (and more productive).


Forget memorizing screenshot shortcuts. With one click of a button, you can take screenshots (and access them all in one convenient location).

Recent Files

There’s no easy way to find your recently opened files—until now. Need to reopen that file you just closed? Save yourself navigating the labyrinth of your folders again—we got you.

Recycle Bin

Stop minimizing a dozen windows just to get to your desktop’s Recycle Bin. Now it’s always within reach at the top of your screen.