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Simplify your
everyday tasks.

Need directions to your lunch meeting? Tracking on your FedEx shipment? These are the everyday tasks you don’t think about—but we do. And, we like to think we’ve made them more accessible and intuitive than ever before: as apps integrated in your OneLaunch dock and dashboard.

OneLaunch's Shopping app

One-click access

Personalize OneLaunch with your go-to apps, and get access to the information you need the second you need it. No more navigating away from what you’re working on (and, ahem, getting distracted along the way).

OneLaunch's Calculator app

Life, simplified

Your everyday tasks just got simpler. Get directions to this morning’s meeting, convert that measurement from metric to imperial, and tune into your favourite Internet radio channel, all with one click from OneLaunch.

OneLaunch's Apps Marketplace

No-brainer add-ons

All the apps are at your fingertips in the OneLaunch app marketplace! Add each app in two quick clicks by first clicking on the "+" icon to access the app marketplace and then clicking the app you want to add to your OneLaunch dock. In no time you will be able to set up your own custom OneLaunch experience.

Desktop with OneLaunch's Apps Marketplace open